On this page, the most recent vacancies of the Amsterdam Medical Student journal (AMSj) are published. See below!

General Board

Are you a Dutch medical student with a strong interest in scientific research and do you want to develop your leadership and management capabilities? Shape the future of medical student research at AMSj. AMSj provides students with a unique opportunity to engage in the world of scientific research. With a vibrant editorial team of 50+ members, we organize a variety of events throughout the year, such as journal clubs, “Help, How Do I Get into Residency?” sessions, our yearly “How to write your thesis” workshop, and the prestigious Nicolaes Tulp Symposium. Apply now to join our board in the capacity of one of the positions listed below, and make a lasting impact.

Deadline: april 8th

Send your CV (EN/NL) and motivational letter (EN) to: info@amsj.nl 


Develop crucial leadership skills for your medical career by applying for this position! We are looking for a dedicated individual with people skills to lead our dynamic 9-member team, who can oversee our transition into a future-proof journal concept. One major task will include completion of the processes surrounding Google Scholar indexation, which has been put into motion by the current board. Previous board/committee experience or experience in leadership positions/team management will be highly advantageous. 



  • Coordinate and strategize the direction of AMSj
  • Support and guide other board members
  • Lead monthly General Board meetings (2nd Tuesday of each month)
  • Maintain weekly communication with the Vice Chair for seamless collaboration and event coordination
  • Give talks during lectures
  • Weekly time commitment: approx. 8 hours, depending on event scedules


Are you passionate about event coordination and fostering scientific engagement among your peers? Join AMSj, the Amsterdam Medical Student Journal, and cultivate valuable leadership and event coordination experience, by applying for Vice Chairperson now. Prior board or committee experience is advantageous.



  • Assist in AMSj strategic planning
  • Event coordination for both readers and student reviewers
  • Attend monthly General Board meetings (2nd Tuesday of each month)
  • Collaborate closely with the Chair for seamless event coordination
  • Weekly commitment: approx. 5 hours, depending on event schedules


AMSj seeks a meticulous student to manage finances and engage with sponsors on our vibrant general board. Apply for treasurer to acquire valuable management experience. Attaining this role on our board will enable you to actively contribute to and support AMSj as a whole. No prior experience? Don’t worry! Our current treasurer will teach you the ropes and is able to guide you. 


  • Apply for university grants
  • Oversee invoice payments
  • Nurture sponsor relationships
  • Develop an annual review and budget plan 
  • Monthly time commitment: 6 hours, with potential for expansion based on capabilities and interests


The most important task of this position is running our website, as it will not only be used by readers and reviewers, but also for our new editorial process. We are transitioning into publishing using Open Journal Systems (OJS). Additionally, you will gain experience in a board environment and will work with fellow driven students who are passionate about promoting medical research. Experience with html or other website-design would be appreciated but is not required. Distribution is always done in collaboration with other board members, depending on their availability, and is a good way to connect and have fun together. 


  • Running our website
  • Taking meeting notes
  • Redirecting incoming e-mails to the right board member
  • Distribution AMSj on your doormat at AMC (approx. 6 hours each quarter)
  • Weekly time commitment: 3 hours

Public Relations

Amsj is seeking a PR to join our team and elevate our medical journal’s visibility. As a PR professional, you are in charge of the way AMSj is visible to the world. In this creative function,  You will respond to and seek out fruitful PR partnerships for AMSj, create beautiful and cohesive Instagram posts, work together with our partners, promote the journal on all our social media platforms, and have the creative freedom to find even more ways to promote AMSj. In this position you will learn to create and uphold healthy partnerships with other organisations, practice your design skills, manage social media channels and uphold a cohesive brand. 


  •  Manage all social media channels
  • Post on instagram approximately twice a week
  • Promote the latest journal edition
  • Manage our relationship with our partners
  • Weekly time commitment: 4 hours

Staff Reviewers

We are currently looking for enthusiastic staff-reviewers for the fields:

Intensive care 
Plastic surgery
I (Subject 101 Pharmacology)

Interested? Send your CV( NL/EN) and motivational letter (EN) to chief-editor@amsj.nl

Student Reviewers

We are currently looking for enthusiastic student-riewers for the fields:

Intensive Care
Internal medicine – Nephrology
I (Subject 101 Laboratory Tests)
I (Subject 101 Physical Examination)

Interested? Send your CV( NL/EN) and motivational letter (EN) to chief-editor@amsj.nl